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Upgraded my wort chiller

I was having trouble cooling 6 gallons with my roughly 20 ft 3/8 OD (before I kinked the line) wort chiller I made for stove top boils. So I was thinking about buying a silver serpent or copper equivalent that NB sells. Until I realized that it was only 25 ft worth of tubing. Picked up 50 ft of copper tubing for way less.

The old chiller on the left didnt come close to sitting on the bottom of my 10 gallon kettle.


Looks good. I think you’ll be surprised at just how more efficient your new one is. Plus you now have a spare that can be used as a pre-chiller, HERMS coil, etc.


Really nice work doing the coils.

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Awesome looking.

Nice…I did thee same recently

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