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Up coming W/E and... brewing?

Big weekend… I think I will have 3 days off… This would be a good time to ditch the brisket and brew a sparkling ale… And You? I know a few veterans I would like to invite over for some brews and a backyard fire… Brats on the pitch fork… Simple… easy… They need to know we are thinking of them! Sneezles61


After Memorial Day services I’m gonna brew NB’s Czech Pilsner kit. My brother-in-law asked me for a keg of it for their housewarming party in July so it should be a good way to achieve 2 things at once. 1.) Good beer at a house party 2.) Don’t have to buy a silly gift from Bed Bath and Beyond that they won’t like anyway.

Why not have a brisket going while you brew? Plenty of time! I’m planning 3 brew sessions and three bbqs this weekend

Total respect for the veterans. Me just started the yeaststarter. Prep. For friday. Heffeweizen brew session. Gonna be after 6 pm. Tonight a fellow brewer come over for a few beers. A tourist from. Chigago

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[quote=“sneezles61, post:1, topic:26112”]
backyard fire
[/quote]good opportunity to make a Stachelbier/ Bierstachel

Hold on the Squeegee… This is an up north hick doesnt have a very big vocabul… talk… Say what is that? 'Im thinking Brats cooked on a pitch fork… Not one used for… :dizzy_face: Nope, This one is an old timer used solely fer cooking dogs and brats… Heat the tines up red hot ( no star san here) Punch a couple doggies on and finish them up… Grab a bun, slide them off, brew in the other hand… mmm. mmm good stuff! Sneezles61

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Someone mentioned taking some type of iron and jamming it in a roll then stuffing in the Brat. Anyone due this? How do you get the mustard and stuff on it

@sneezles61 your supposed to click on the red link. It’s shows you how to cook a beer on your fire. It is totally worth figuring out how to do because I know when the sun sets this weekend, in your neck of the woods, it’s going to be cold and this is just the warmth you’ll need. Trust me it’s a real treat… you’ll want a stout or something sweetish (not swedish)

@brew_cat that was me I guess people over here call it a puka toaster

Oh geez… pour it, poke it, and drink it! kinda brew… I’ll need to fashion a poker! … Rebar! Sneezles61

I think rebar would work well as long as you could pick it up without, you know, burning yourself.

Non sense… no pain… no gain… I’ll have my wife pick it up! :relaxed: Sneezles61

You see in the video there appears to be a giant marshmallow on the end you hold. I’m sure that would work,

So as a young family I just got confirmation that there will be several play dates this weekend… that don’t include me. So I will be bottling a 2.5g Saison and a 2.5g Wheat. Then at some point the whole family will go see Solo at Alamo draft house (brooklyn). If you’re curious their tap room is very well rounded at 30ish taps listed on page 3 here.
Later we have pizza being delivered to our backyard.

So, non of that… burning of the brews then? :confused: With pizza? On a shtick? Sneezles61

Yeast won’t be here until tomorrow and I need to pick up a sack of pale malt at my LHBS so it looks like next week some time.

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