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Untappd app

Anybody else using the app called Untappd to keep a log of their commercial beer tastings and reviews?

Yes. I add my homebrews too.

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Yep. It’s nice to see what people think at the club meeting even though they might be taking it easy on me.

Been on untapped for quite a while now. Nice seeing what is around my area and what others think of commercial as well as MY brew. my handle is cmullins504 if anybody wants to friend me.

I love the app. It’s a great way to see what my friends are drinking and help build my own list of “beers to find and drink”

[quote=“kcbeersnob”]Yes. I add my homebrews too.

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Me, too. I’d think a bad review generally reflects more on me than Northern Brewer. :?

I’ve had the app for a while now…unfortunately, now that I’m in Kuwait, I just get to drool over what my friends are drinking.

I enjoy the app a lot. Helps me find other beers that fit my tastes. Can look at the reviews before I pick up some random craft beer.

I have been using it for a few months now. I find my self trying a larger variety of beers instead of the old reliable ones. So far I have been happy with most of the beers I have tried since I started using Untapped. The achievements encourage me to try new strange beers.
It has also helped me get a wider range of beers I know that I can now try to brew with a frame of reference for how the style usually tastes.

Its a great app, probably one the few ones I actually use on my phone. Good way to keep track of good brews and to get ideas of ones you havent heard of or seen before.

We need to find somebody at NB who is able to claim their brewery online so they can update the beers listed there. I’m kinda OCD and hate not seeing all the cool logos and details of their beer kits online.

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