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Unitanks and fermenting under pressure

I’ve spent the morning dreaming about unitanks. Does anyone here use one? These are the ones I’ve been reading about.

Then there are these models that are pared down but still under pressure

I’ve not really tried too hard to ferment under pressure… In my home brewing mind, is it worth the effort? But, pushing out of the fermenter into the packaging vessel(s) with CO2 is the best you can get… My take on this piece in brewing… Sneezles61


I’d like to play with fermentation under pressure but my real desire is the bottle fully carbonated beer straight from the fermenter

To bottle carbonated beer, Would you just hook it up to say around 10psi for a week or 2 and then bottle it straight from the conical?

Yes, not that you would need it up the SSBrewtech goes to 30 psi. Then I’d fill with something like…

Sounds like a dream.

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