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Uneven carbonation in bottles?

I just brewed my first batch from Northern Brewer. I previously brewed from extract kits from another manufacturer and didn’t generally have problems with carbonation. Under the directions from that vendor, I would place a measured amount of sugar in each bottle. I had read of the process where you add a sugar solution to your bottling bucket, but never tried it until now.

I put the solution in as directed, then auto siphoned the beer into the bottling bucket. Once that was done I bottled the beer and capped it off. The beer has been in the bottles for about a month now, and most bottles are fine. I get a couple that seem over carbonated, and have come across a few that are almost totally flat. Should I be mixing up the solution and the beer in the bottling bucket with a spoon or something? I really don’t want to go back to putting sugar in each bottle individually, but have another beer in the fermenter and want to get carbonation right for my next batch.


Putting the solution in first is a good start to getting it mixed and I have even had good results sometimes. After a few messed up carbonation batches not I gently stir regardless. Helps to ensure evenish mixing

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Certainly sounds like the sugar solution wasn’t mixed in well enough. I would stir a good amount, without splashing, right away and again half way through bottling.

“Domino Dots” best idea ever.


Usually, I rack over the priming solution in a way that swirls everything together. After assembling everything, I give things a gentle stir with the bottling wand. I tend to bottle quickly at that point, so don’t stir halfway through, but it wouldn’t hurt.


I add priming solution after I see how much volume I have in the bottling bucket…and then stir gently for 30 sec or so…and again after every gallon bottled.

I second the domino dots. I never had problems mixing the solution but the dots are so simple if your filling 12oz bottles. No calculating no heating no stirring . Simplicity that’s what I like.

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