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Just arrived in Denver international and waiting for my shuttle stopped for a bite and a beer. Terrible draft list the best I could do was Sam Oktoberfest go figure. New Belgium does have a pub here but on the other side. I left from Hartford and was happy to send Two Roads opens a tap room there

You tell me then, does that SA o-fest not taste very good, being so far from the brewery? Sneezles61

Definitely not as good. Carbonation was off but that could be the altitude. That wasn’t really my point when I come to CO I prefer CO beers. $9 for a pint kind of left a bad taste in my mouth

Yep, I just flew to Michigan through Orlando and Detroit yesterday, probably just the terminals we were in, but the best I could do was SA Boston Lager and Rebel IPA.

But…going to the Traverse city microbrew and music festival at 5:30pm tonight so I’ll make amends!

I heard many years ago that the best thing about an airport was leaving it behind.

Airports are not my “happy place” so, for me, what happens at the airport stays at the airport.

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I flew often when I was on the job for fire assignments. TSA would say hello, you going out again? Still got a double search because the ticket was purchased the same day with a credit card that didn’t match my profile.

There’s no relief when you know them by their first names.

Well wasn’t really my point… It was more of, you are very close to the brewery, and I would believe the flavor is more prevalent… as opposed to being so far away… I haven’t any care to drink any SA over here… 9.00 a brew!!! :dizzy_face: No way would I even think about forking out that amount of cash… Aint gonna happen… Sneezles61

Definitely better back east and if you go to their original Boston brewery even better. They brew small batch of their recipes there to serve on their tap room and also experimental batches that they just serve around Boston for feedback

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