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Unable to find out what kind of Keg this is

So Im looking to get started in brewing and was able to obtain this keg, but not sure what kind it is.

Trying to find out how to get it cleaned up and ready to go.

Any help would be great

I can get more pictures if needed.

What you gonna do with it? Brew or put beer in it? Sneezles61

I want to brew and then put beer in it.

Snap ring in the top that will disassemble the guts so you can clean/inspect it… Many you tube vids help to explain that… They are a PITA… Soda kegs are the cats meow…
Did you buy that keg? Sneezles61

It was given to me.

So if i youtube Snap ring keg i should see how to get it all done up?

Yup, that is where I learned from… Welcome to the forum… Sneezles61

@wilcolandzaat uses Sanke kegs. Hopefully he will chime in. The biggest challenge with a commercial keg like that is disassembling and cleaning. Most of us use soda kegs because the lids are easily removed to clean and inspect plus they are 5 gallon, the amount most of us brew (or a multiple of 5). There is also a ton of parts and equipment available for soda kegs that are used for homebrew.

Might want to consider seeing if you can turn that keg in for the deposit and put the money toward soda kegs. Technically the keg that was given to you belongs to the brewery. That said many of us have cut the tops off them to be used as a kettle so let your conscience be your guide.



Thanks for the info!

You need a sanke coupling tap. It looks big what size is it. I have a few I don’t clean it every time. You have to take out the backflow ball in the outflow. then you can siphon or push beer into it without opening it up

Yes i do use them. Only down fall. Once you close and carbonate. Thats it untill empty. It takes. A few times to learn how to take them apart. It involves. 2 screwdrivers. The way i did learn. There are some nice. Youtube video on how to take them apart. Cleaning easy part.

That’s also all i use for last 20 years. The one thing I would recommend if you plan on using them is buy one of these Sanke Valve/Spear Removal Tool and a ring knife.

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This tool works. But its for the sankey keg. Who got the ring as well. Kind of pain to get the ring back. With out bending the ring. The kegs i do use. Dont have that ring. Me got to push the middle part down. Than use a screwdriver. To keep pushed down. And the whole unit comes out. Takes some practice. To pull it out with out damaging the inner center

I press the ring back in with Chanel lock plyers

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