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Uh oh....... Need a mop on isle nine!

So… Whose tried to mop up 5gal of sanitizer off tho kitchen floor… I have . Today!!! As I was going to pour my 5gal bucket from the sink to my tub on floor… Yep… You guessed it too slipped out my hand… Upside down in mid air… Looked slow motion as it fell to floor… Share your kitchen messes w me! By the way, if you have a carpet cleaner… Worked way better than a mop!!

Shop vac. I don’t brew inside but I did spray paint my basement with beer once. Don’t ask it’s embarrassing .

Yeah. I brew in garage, but bottle in kitchen… But today was an uh ohhh day

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Broke a glass carboy in my kitchen while cleaning it. Spilled about a gallon of water and a bunch of glass but no one got hurt.

Me explosive action with airlock. Wall full of beer

Bottling two batches in my kitchen. Finished first batch, rinsed out and sanitized bottling bucket, then started racking the second batch into the bottling bucket. You know that silly part of the NB instruction video where they say “Did you close the spigot?” and you think “What idiot leaves the spigot open before filling the bottling bucket?” Yeah, this idiot. Even worse, the sound of liquid spilling onto my floor made me think one of the dogs was peeing in the next room. Took me a few minutes and two gallons before I realized.

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Oh and there was a time I closed the the picnic tap in the fridge door and walked away.

Not a huge mess or hard to clean up but after cutting open a 4 oz package of cacao nibs I leaned them against the 5 gallon carboy I was transferring into. Sure enough the package tipped over and spilled nibs everywhere.

Well off we are baring our soul I once spilled 5lbs of grain on the floor. Swept it up and crushed it. Home floor malt I guess.


Well it’s obvious we all have our brew-cidents!! Live and learn I guess… But it’s still the best “hobby” I’ve ever found!!

5 gal raspberry wine. Plugged up the airlock with fruit and overnight built up a little pressure and blew it’s lid. All over walls, ceiling, and washing machine.

Tried a new priming method… got the math wrong and put too much sugar in. The first bottle I opened immediately exploded. Shot me straight in the eye with a stream of beer that dazed/confused me, and about 2/3 of the bottle proceeded to explode all over the room.

Somehow I got it all cleaned up before the wife noticed… :slight_smile:

Oh yeah!! Almost forgot!! Went to open one of my ESB’s… And instead of using my hand opener, I used the magnetic one on my kitchen fridge… And just so happened to be the only bottle bomb I’ve ever opened… Whole family was in kitchen… Everyone was wet!!! Had about 3/4 in left in bottle!!!

My last time brewing in the kitchen, I did a full boil using a 10 gallon pot that extended over the corian countertop. It cracked. Had to hire someone to remove it and fix the crack. I am now relegated to the garage.

I have been lucky so far…broke one bottle while capping…and dumped the majority of the grain from a partial mash kit on the stove/floor.

Carboy upside down, on the dryer, drying. the dryer running, some how the vibration walked it over to the edge and onto the concrete floor. Thankfully I was outside when I heard the racket. Only one glass carboy left… Sneezles61

Ever notice how clean the kitchen floor gets after mopping up a bunch of spilled StarSan solution?

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Very good that you haven’t been reporting injuries. My biggest mess was when the bottom dropped out of a six pack carrier. Wife’s sister cleaned up the beer in the brew room. Wife cleaned the blood out of her car. Hospital personnel cleaned the blood trail from the parking lot into emergency.

Forgot to get a new six pack ready for wife’s sister to take home.

Now you went and spoiled a fun forum topic.

Lesson was learned though. Think safety. Anything that holds bottles is securely reinforced with packaging tape and reinforced with heavy duty cardboard where it might be needed.

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