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Two Women Lager

Does anyone have any thoughts on recipe design for New Glarus’ Two Women Lager? Weyerman’s Bohemian Pilsner malt (possibly the floor malted version I see NB carries, now) is the base malt, but beyond that I’m not sure where to go. It’s clearly not to bohemian pilsner ‘style’, with that dark red color. Any idea?

Check out THIS

thread where I discovered and then brewed NG Two Women (I renamed it ZWEI FRAUEN which I think means TWO WOMEN in German). The beer came out stellar and it’s on tap right now here at Mayfair Court Brewhouse! 8)

Ps. I should mention that I contacted New Glarus and got a response from the woman who runs it (who’s name escapes me) and she told me that the beer world is so competitive that she was holding the recipe close to the vest. She gave me NO information whatsoever. So I formulated the recipe based on mental notes I made while drinking it. There is more HERE
. Cheers.

I hope to clone this wonderful beer as well…in terms of style (which I’m by no means an expert), it seems to me to be a Vienna lager with the malty sweetness maxed out…I’ve done side by sides with this and Negra Modelo, and the two are not that far apart - Two Women is the fuller bodied and sweeter of the two, but they’re more alike than different to my taste buds. I’m planning to start with a solid Vienna recipe, and beef up some of the character malt/raise the mash temp as a starting point, and see what we get…let’s keep this thread going :cheers:

I’m sure that the recipe is off but it did come very close to the real thing. When I try to duplicate a beer in this way (drink a bunch of it and make mental notes), I just try to make a beer that’s in the spirit of the original. I try to get the color, I try to get a feel for sweetness/maltiness/dryness, whether there are late hops or not, how clean everything and especially the yeast. I think the 2308 is the key for Two Women, for sure. Cheers.

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