Two Hearted Yeast?

Anybody know what yeast Bells uses in Two Hearted? I picked up a sixer that the bottles had yeast in the bottom and harvested it. I’ve got a liter of wort and am slowly getting a pretty good buildup of yeast on the bottom of the jar.It doesn’t look like the US05 I’ve harvested, more like WLP 007.

They use thier house strain. I have had really good luck using Wpl001 side by side can’t tell the difference in mine and the orginal. Almost say that is thier house yeast either that or Wlp057

I thought you could go to their web site and actually purchase their house strain… WMNoob, you’re on the right track… Although, I couldn’t tell an ale yeast from a lager yeast once its a slurry… Sneezles61

You’re looking for this

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Thanks, I knew you guys would know!

You can not lose with WLP001.