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Tweaked Slobber Was Awesome! Now for version 2

My Carribou Slobber with agave was freakin’ awesome. I’m making it again, but with a couple changes.

This time I got the supplies from my LHBS. I’m using 7 1/2 lbs of amber LME and one lb of blue agave. Last time the agave went in the boil for 60 mins. This time, I want to taste more of it so I think it’ll go in for the last 15 mins.

I’m also changing up the bittering hops. I’m using two ounces of chinnok: One for 60 mins and one for 45. I’m keeping the flavor hops the same (willamette), but moving it closer to the end, I’m thinking the last 5 mins.

The recommended liquid yeast is 1332 northwest ale. I was so impressed with this stuff that I’m using it again. It cemented itself to the bottom of the bottles so well that on the 22 oz and up bottles, I am able to pour more than one glass without disturbing the sediment at all.

BTW, my last 3 brew were made with my unfiltered tap water and were all good.

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