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Turkey fryer for Christmas

My father-in-law and I both got a turkey fryer for Christmas. Is using the pot ok? We left one with water in it over night and it was discolored afterwards. Certainly doesn’t seem like very high quality aluminum.

The discoloration is oxidation of the aluminum which will give it a protective layer so don’t scrub it off. I was told to boil a pot full of water and not to scrub off the coating that formed and I would be ok.
Hope this helps

So for the new people who are just beginning, is it best to boil the alum pot in water first before the brew? Thanks

Yes, first wash it thoroughly with soap and hot water then fill it with water and boil for a half hour to create the passive oxide layer. Don’t clean it with any caustic cleaners, otherwise you’ll have to repeat the process, it’s really the only downside of using aluminum and why most breweries use SS.

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