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Tuborg Paskebyrg Clone

Easter is around the corner, and I thought I’d try an Easter brew. I see them discussed but there doesn’t seem to be an agreed-upon definition of what an Easter brew is, as they range from light to dark, weak to strong. I visited Denmark around Easter a couple of years ago and as I recall I liked a beer called Tuborg Paskebyrg, which according to Google is a strong Pilsner. Anyone have something more specific than that?



I had a tuborg green in the caribbean someplace once…or maybe it was belize a long time ago. Actually had quite a few because it was all that was available. It was in the green bottle and light skunked. Though my palette wasn’t so refined back then I knew I didn’t care for it. Reminded me of heineken. Horrible splitting headache the next day.

Paskebyrg sounds like it could be a helles-like beer with something like herrsbrucker or even saaz hops for the spicy floral aromatics. So I’d do pilsner, a little vienna, 5% or so, couple ounces of carapils and mashed 154-156F to give it more body and residual sweetness. Magnum to 15-20ibu max at 60 minutes, saaz or herrsbrucker at 10, 5 and 2 mins for flavor/aroma. Wy Bavarian Lager yeast will give it a good malt focus. You could even add a bit of melanoidin to sweeten it more if you wanted. I seem to recall other Danish beers that I thought were kind of sweet.

Just my WAG given what I read on their website. I’ve never had the beer. I brew something like this sans the melanoidin, every spring for a poolside beer over the summer. It’s best lagered a month or so but as little as a week or 2 and it’s highly drinkable. You can drop berries and fruit in it and some non beer drinkers will like it. It’s also a hit straight with people that think my standard plis is too bitter or dry.

EDIT: You could of course do something crazy and use one of the danish lager yeasts. I know Wyeast makes one but I’ve never used it. The characteristics would I assume be closer to this beer than with a german lager yeast.

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