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Tubing size?

Greeting. I purchased a wine kit a few years ago. Now I’m looking to replace the siphon tubing. What is the diameter of the inside of the tubing? I want to make sure the new tubing I purchase works properly with my equipment. Thank you

There is know perfect answer to this question without knowing exactly which siphon you own (since there is no standard siphon).
In a pinch you can measure the inner diameter (ID) of your existing hose And the outer dimension (OD) of where it attaches. That should help narrow it down.
My siphon uses a 1/2” OD tube


I often use 3/8" ID tubing on my applications. Trying to keep it standardized (at least in size) and I use tubing for hot side work so that is the normal size for thermoplastic tubing

Yeah but that doesn’t help fitting to a specific thing like an auto siphon.

Take the siphon with you and try. It should fit snug with little effort to get off.

I actually still use it there too. Just stretched it out a little, no biggie. Fits extra snug, and it allows me to only have 3/8 ID everywhere.

Yes but ever have to slit the tubing with a knife to get it off 'cause it’s on so tight? I have tried running hot water on the tubing then gave up and cut it more than once. Snapped a plastic racking cane too. Oh the trials we go through to brew :grin:

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I have a couple broken racking canes also… The worst part… I can’t throw them out… “I might need something from them” mentality… :roll_eyes:

Don’t feel bad I still have at least one of my broken canes. New TV show for us “homebrewer hoarders”.

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