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Trying to get Pie Crust Flavor

Pumpkin Pie Porter - 6gal

11 lbs Marris Otter
30 oz Canned Pumpkin
12 oz Pale Chocolate Malt
8 oz Crystal 120L
8 oz Biscuit Malt - ?
2 oz Roasted barley (550L)

Magnum @ 60mins to ~20IBU

Pumpkin Spice

So here’s the deal, I’m pretty sure this will come out well enough since it’s an adaptation of Ken Lenard’s Summoned Spirits which I’m sure is pretty tasty. I’m going for: chocolate porter meets pumpkin pie, crust and all. I figure the Marris Otter will give me some pie crust character, but should I push it a little more with the buscuit malt? If so, will that amount come through at all? Biscuit malt is a new malt to me.

Any opinions?

I’m trying for something similar to your recipe for a brown pumpkin ale. I thought about biscuit but I just used that so I’m gonna try a bit of amber malt.

perhaps some honey malt for the flavor and maybe, maybe a little flaked maize for a buttery hint?

Would you say the buscuit malt comes through like I’m hoping for? How much did you use?

I used about 8% in the Pale Ale and it was noticeable. This was actually my first Biscuit Malt experience but I’ve used almost 15% Victory in the past which was a lot. I didn’t run your numbers but when I’m adding new stuff I feel like 5% is a reasonable starting point.

You could try toasting some flaked oats. It can kind of give a cookie flavor.

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