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Trappist 3783 vs. Safale S-05 Ale screwup

Like other dummies before me I pitched the Safale S-05 into La Petite Orange (OG=1.060) and now have Trappist 3787 High Gravity left for the Phat Tyre underway now. DOH!
I know they will both be beer…will the Safale handle the high OG in the La Petite Orange or should I run to the home brew shop tomorrow for and add something more? If so, what?

I’ve used S-05 in beers up to around 1.090 or so. It will be fine, but closer to an American pale ale.

Thanks for a bit of reassurance. I don’t usually follow the recipes anyway…

Guess I’ll call it “Phat Trappist”.

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