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Transporting Kegs

I’m taking a couple kegs to NY for a small event my middle son is having. Never transported kegs before so i want to make sure the beer travels and presents well when I arrive.

I’ll transport them in a big tub of ice and serve with picnic taps when I get thiere. I figure I should transfer the beer to a new clean keg to leave the trub/hops residue behind so the beer will be clear as possible when served.

Sounds easy enough. Closed transfer push with CO2 from one liquid side to the other…am I missing anything? Anything i should be careful of while doing this?

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Make sure to fill the new keg with CO2 and purge the O2. If possible let it sit undisturbed for a bit before serving. You may get some foam so have a pitcher on hand.

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I read your post as you’re going liquid out to liquid out right? Take your time pushing it over. Have it vent out the gas post into a container in case it foams up a little during transfer. Also be ready to yank the lines off the destination keg when you hit bottom in the supply keg. I push Star San keg to keg and get foam out the vent when the supply keg goes empty.


Keep it as cold as possible… All that giggling will want to shake the CO2 out of solution… You may even test a few pints, so if you need, you could hook up some CO2 to the out post, set the pressure up to say 30 PSI lay it in your lap and give it about 20 shakes and see how the carb is doing… Sneezles61
Oh yeah… If its a bit cloudy get some cups you can’t see through… You be the hit of the party!

That sounds silly. Leave it upright in a seat belt. It’s going to be fine I’ve done it before. Like I said ice it when you get there and just let it settle. Where I NY you headed ?


Manhattan, Hells Kitchen. I plan on taking a couple in a rubbermaid tub with ice. Will only have a short time to settle once I get there. That’s why I’m doing the transfer to a second keg. I’ll secure them with bungee cords so they don’t move around too much.

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The seat belts in my back seat have strapped in more kegs and carboys than passengers!


Haven’t been to that part of “The City” since the 70s. I guess it’s gentrified now. Growing up as kids we lived on the Harlem line and took the train in. It was wild back then. Slept in grand Central a few times. Used to go down for shows and st Pat’s day. New year’s Eve was crazy. It’s all changed now with security and what not I guess.

Upright would be best of course but that isn’t always possible. If you can’t belt them in they might wedge in behind the front seat. Some blankets or towels would help. I have also transported them belted in. A new meaning to the term “have a few belts”.

Do you have somewhere to park in Manhattan? One day used to be about $50.

Plan is to keep them upright in the tub of ice.

My son lives in Queens and runs a small theather company that does a lot of off broadway stuff, so we’re there a lot. I usually find a spot on the street in a neighborhood. Garage parking is outrageous.

My nephew lives in Astoria. Speaks highly of Single Cut

Yea my son mentioned that place. Haven’t made it by there yet but I’m pretty sure I had one of their beers at a food festival we went to in brooklyn last year.

Definitely red solo cups.



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It’s crazy windy in Queens right now. For safety you should stop in Brooklyn and I can help you test the CO2 levels of your kegs.

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Yea but I’m not supplying nice pint glasses to a bunch of millenial yahoo theater kids…hahaha

I’ll take that under consideration. Thanks for the generous offer! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Crazy windy here in the VA piedmont today too!

:disappointed: I guess green won’t make the scene here… Sneezles61

I’m hawdy hawdy I use clear plastic

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I figures you was transparent. Sneezles61

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