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Transporting Bottles in car in heat

I started brewing this December (new-stay-at-home hobby!). The beer’s been great! We live in Southern California and have a summer place in Montana. I’m planning on driving about 70 22 ounce bottles with us on our three day journey North early June
. I can put the beer in the trailer, but I’m wondering if I need to use coolers with ice. I’d say the beer could get to 90 degrees for 10 hours a day as we drive for the three days. Could the bottles explode? Will it harm the beer? I can definitely get 3-4 big coolers and use ice for the three days, but it would be much easier to avoid that if this three days of partial high heat won’t affect the beer.

Has anyone else done something like this? thanks for your advice!

If there’s any chance some of your bottles have beer that was not done fermenting then they could kick off from the heat and explode…but if you’ve had them stored in your home for bottle conditioning and they haven’t popped they’re probably fine.

I’d pack them in bottle specific cartons and put them in the trailer if it were me. The heat won’t hurt them IMHO. Keeping that much beer iced in the heat for 3 days would be a real PITA.

I took a motorcycle trip last summer and packed a couple growlers and 4 bombers in a soft cooler with ice on the back of my bike. I intended to drop it off at a buddy’s house on the second day… My bike had other ideas and broke down leaving me stranded for 3 days in NC September heat. Once it was chilled again, it was fine.

Now this would be a great opportunity to keg.
I don’t think all the brews you buy at a store are kept cold… Maybe the kegs are?

I’ve driven beers from NYC to Northern Minn and Central Iowa with any issues

Consensus pack them up in boxes and maybe throw a sleeping bag over them and drive. Id keep some cool for the nightly stop


Thanks for the help! I’ll pack them carefully in boxes but only put the nightly drinkers in the cooler!. I’ll be driving: Zombie Dirt Pale Ale, Kolsch, Caribou Slobber Brown Ale, Elegant Bastard strong ale, Bearded Man Imperial Stout, Chocolate Stout, Kama Citra IPA, Mosaic IPA, and two more TBD. Going to be a helluva “Making Up For Lost Time” party this Summer!

You have been busy

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