Transporting a full corny keg

And I was worried about transporting a full Cornelius keg!


I’ve done exactly that a few times but with 2 full kegs. It works great.

A buddy of mine insists on laying his down in the back of his truck and one day he lost a partial keg while heading up North. The pressure in the head space went into the beer and the beer leaked out the lid.

I’ve transported fully carbed ball lock kegs laying down horizontally on my car’s back seat +200 miles of interstate with no problems. The kegs are warmer during transport that way than when in the kegerator, so the way I figure it, a little co2 comes out of solution to create additional gas pressure in the headspace.

If I’m taking only one keg, it goes upright inside my jockey box.

No officer, I do not have any open containers of beer :smiley: … and all my corny passengers are wearing a seat belt.

I’ve only transported 3 gallon cornies and put them in a secured cooler, upright, on ice and untapped in the back of my truck.
I like your idea better.

Call auto transport services.

I let mine ride shotgun out of respect.