Transplant False Bottom from 5 gal MLT?

I have a 5 gallon MLT and I’m looking to upgrade to a 10 gal. I’m wondering if I can simply use the false bottom from the 5 gal in the 10 gal cooler.

Sure, the 5 gal false bottom wont fit perfectly in the 10 gal cooler (a little too small).

But will this yield any tangible difference in my lautering / sparging capability? I plan to do both fly and batch sparging.

I just ran out to the garage and measured. The inside diameter of the 5 gal. cooler is 10 inches. The 10 gal. cooler is 13 inches. 1.5 inch gap is too large. Perhaps this is a good time to switch to a stainless braid or bazooka screen. In the end it may not make a difference, but I prefer the latter because it’s rigid. It’s what I use with good results.