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Transfer to keg under CO2 pressure

Do feel your brews have improved… Or something like that? I think/know mine has…

I do, especially the NEIPA. I don’t feel like I have nearly the risk for oxidation or infection.


I must look into this now. I got my score sheets back from a comp and noticed I got dinged for slight oxidation on all 3 beers I entered. They were all NEIPA’s.

After you get the supplies and do this a couple of times, it’s a piece of cake. I actually enjoy transferring this way better. I do it for all my beers now not just NEIPA’s.


Looking in to stainless fermenters now. What equipment do you have or use for such a transfer? SS brewtech and Anvil have decent offerings but I want to do all of my homework before pulling trigger.

My setup is pretty much identical setup to this guy’s setup, so more low tech than SSbrewtech or Anvil.
This guy looks like Alex Lifeson of RUSH.

I silver soldered a stand off/bung on my lid where the air locker WAS… I use a blow off instead… Swap out the threaded 1/2" barbed for the gas fitting… The only thing I wished… I could find the makings to go up to 3/4" pipe thread stand off/bung… It’d be much easier for dry hopping…

I’ve yet to brew a NEIPA but I’m getting ready to transfer my first batch from this thing. Dead Ringer that after dry hopping I sealed up and put about 5 psi of head pressure on it after pulling prv a couple times. I just dumped the hops into the 1.5 tc hole on the lid but I’ve seen people use a sight glass between gas manifold and bf valve. Dump hops into sight glass purge then just open the valve. Maybe some day but for now I’m good with what I’ve spent already. I’ll put a 1/4 flare adapter on the racking arm and transfer under pressure. Maybe check out the SB Flex or Flex +.

Here is a pic of the dry hop setup. This guy said he could fit 3 oz of hops in it.


That’s pretty cool :sunglasses:

Holy moly!! That thing is so shiny!! I have to squint like Clint to look at that…
I wonder if you put the hops in, will “hop creep” be enough to clean up what little O2 follows the hops in… I’m just wondering…
I’ve been adding mine just at the tail end of activity… Someday, I’ll pay closer attention to this detail… I’ll bet Denny and Drew have info on this too.

That thing looks awesome for sure. Thanks for the vid @voodoo_donut and yes he does look like Alex. Now I have Rush videos playing on Youtube while I enjoy my coffee and do more research. RIP Neil!


I ordered this thing yesterday. Got some buddies that want to get serious apparently!

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Wow!! Mini big time setup! Get a glycol chiller too?

I added the chiller and heater options on to it. Def don’t need this size but for a few bucks more than the 7 gal, why not?


Nice! Are you going to CIP? The only thing that I didn’t like about that one is the 8" top. Other than that looks awesome. I went with 7 gal.

I will try to utilize that option for sure but I need some other tools for that, submersible pump for starters. I’m tapped out at the moment so I’ll wait for funds to regenerate and see what I need.

Yeah I hear you on that. I still need to get the temp control package for mine. I just cleaned it by hand and pulled everything off. Don’t brew as frequently this time of year so I figured I would leave everything off between batches.

Overall I’m super happy with mine. Finding out what works best for me and my process might take some time. Not saying my beer will be significantly better because I have a conical but it opens up a few more doors and makes a few more things easier to accomplish.

I’m curious, did you compare it to the Spike? What sold you on this one? Big price difference at first glance…but haven’t done a feature by feature comparison.

Yes I was wondering that as well. From what I found Spike is more a la carte with add ons. Compared to SS brew that comes with a lot more accessories right off the bat.

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