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Transfer from Fermenter to Bottling Bucket

I’m from the UK and ordered the starter kit from Northern Brewer via Amazon. This included two buckets’ both with spigots. A syphon was not included. Just started my first 5 gal Block party ale and thinking ahead to bottling day. Is it ok to use the spigot to transfer to the bottling bucket?

Slightly worried about drawing off some of the sediment when transferring. Any help much appreciated.

Really pleased with the kit. The only problem is that no one seems to sell Northern Brewer kit in the UK.

Let it settle out on something higher than your bottling bucket. When it is reasonably settled connect the hose and drain slowly into a clear container until you get clear as possible wort then shut it off and move the hose to the bottling bucket. Try not to waste too much precious liquid.

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