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Topping off in brew pot

Thinking of doing a partial boil inside tomorrow. Instead of topping off in the fermenter would it be Ok to top off in the boil pot then do the transfer? I have an 8 gallon pot with a valve and thought this might be easier as long as I know where my 5 gallon mark is in the kettle. In the past I have always topped off in the carboy after transfer.

Actually that is preferable. Add cold water from the fridge to help chill

A glass carboy will be shocked by hot wort. Cool the wort to at least room temperature for glass. A plastic fermentor like a BMB can handle up to 140°F, maybe. A plastic bucket may go with warmer temps before deforming.
Using an immersion chiller to take the wort down to fermentation temperature? Then a safe and okay process.

I always cool it first before transfer with an immersion chiller. Don’t know why I haven’t done it this way before, just never thought of it I guess. DUH. I haven’t done a partial boil in quite awhile and most of the time I can hit the 5 gallon mark pretty good with the full boils, but once in awhile have to add a little to top off to 5. Last time I did a partial I did not have a valve on my kettle which is why I probably topped off in the carboy and have been doing it that way ever since. One of those aha moments for me.

You can actually boil water in a foodsafe bucket, the melting point of the resin is way higher than 212°F. I understand that it’s fairly common in England to install an electric heating element in a bucket for brewing. Plus all the no-chill brewers pour boiling wort into those same materials. Not that I trust plastics leaching chemicals at those temps, but it’s possible…

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And dont forget. It might crack the carboy. Me do full boil. And chill the wort before transfer. To the big mouth bubbler.

I had a plastic bucket with a heating element (from England) a long time ago. You could do a rolling boil in it no problem. I never detected any off flavors from it.

They still make them Bru Heat Thorne Electrim Mashing Bucket - Love Brewing

I have a heating element for my pot which I haven’t installed. I don’t really want to bring all that steam into my basement. I have alot of electronics and my records in the same area as my brewery. I started doing some mashing inside using electric coffee makers but still roll my brew pot into an adjacent garage to do my boil. Then back inside to chill. Of course I do alot of brewing in my outside brew kitchen in the spring and fall. The biggest part for me would setting up a suitable ventilation system the brewing part is the easy part

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