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I’m doing my first beer with this strain and it sure seems temperamental. Fast outta the gate, slowing down on day 2 (as advertised I guess), but the smell I’m getting from the airlock is pretty wild. Pretty strong phenol or, gulp, band-aid odor. I’ve read this strain can throw off some band aid odor and produce lots of phenols, but looking for some confirmation on the forum.

Does this strain cleanup with time?

The original plan was to give it 5 days in primary and then throw in the 3711 beast to dry it out. What say you yeast experts?

I’ve used Belle Saison a bit (I’ve read that it was developed from the same strain as 3711) and it can smell like varnish for a while. If 3724 acts anything like Belle Saison, two or three more weeks sitting on the yeast will resolve the phenol aroma. I give my Saisons at least a month in primary. They typically go to 1.002, but still have some sweetness and body in spite of a long, low-temp mash.

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