Brewed yesterday a SMaSH beer.
13# German Vienna
.5# cara pils
.5 oz. Mosaic@60
1.5 oz@10
2 oz. dry hop
Denny’s favorite 1450
Pitched at 64 and in less than 12 hours it was starting to ferment. Is this normal? It’s now bubbling away at 62, temp taken on fermenter.

Everything sounds fine.

Love that yeast, and yes it does kick into action a little earlier than some others.62-64 is a great range for it.

It’s 10:30 PM just got home from work and this yeast is a monster, still at 62, can’t wait to taste this beer. Will let you know how it tastes in about a month.

I’ve only used Denny’s yeast on his Amber Ale but I’ve brewed that recipe a dozen or so times. It is usually a fast starter and finisher but doesn’t flock as well as some others. May have to brew a batch of that Amber this week.

What is your average attenuation with this yeast?

Can you still call it a SMASH with the cara pils? Sounds like 2 malts to me.


The carapils is only there for head retention. It doesn’t add any fermentable sugars to speak of.