Top up 1 gallon batch with a little unpasteurised

2x1 gallon jugs just finished primary after about a month.
They had sulfite agreed before fermentation for 12hrs then pectic for 12 then yeast.
Just racked but I had to top up the secondaries but just realised I used the leftover defrosted unpasteurised juice.
Do I need to readd sulfite now or will there be enough yeast in there now to overcome anything? Obviously a little fermentation will start again but I didn’t want to add water or wine as it made the last batch taste a bit odd (too much winey taste or too watered down).

You’ll be fine. There’s a VERY slight chance that there’s some wild yeast in there that is capable of surviving more than a few % ABV. If there are, then I’m of the opinion that it may actually improve the cider. The only thing that could harm your cider would be acetobacter, and as long as you keep it under airlock then it won’t be an issue whatsoever. But most of the wild microbes that might be present in the unpasteurized juice won’t survive in a low pH environment that’s over 2%ABV.