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Took my first Brewery Tour

While on vacaction down the Oregon coast the wife and kids were kind enough to spare the time fo me to visit the Rogue Brewery in Newport.

Found it a very cool and educational tour that ended in the Giftshop. After snooping around I found a extract kit was a no brainer I purchased the Brutal IPA kit yum right? Well Brewcraft labels the box to include the yeast. But upon opening it on the front of the directions they SAY YEAST NOT INCLUDED so I am looking for a replacement close to Wyeast 1764XL rogue Pacman but I cant find any info on this strain. Any ideas?

Several online homebrew shops show the Pacman yeast available right now. Morebeer is one. Unfortunately our host here is not one.

Yep - I have bought pacman online on several occasions - search for some shops and try to find the one that is the closest to reduce transport time as much as possible. Make sure you get the cold packs as the summer heat has been brutal.

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