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Too Much Trub-le

Ok so Im on my 5th batch of beer, pretty new to brewing and I’m having problems removing the Trub from the Wort.

After I brew the wort I chill it with a wort chiller,Then I hook up the drain hose to my Mega Pot 1.2

This is where I have problems I’ve tried using a hop sock over the hose and that gets plugged up right away. I have a screen on my Funnel and that gets clogged. When this happens draining has to stop and cleaning of the screens and resterilization. I want to get the wort transferred as soon as possible, but keep having to deal with the screens clogging. Messing around in the sink and countertop I don’t want to introduce bacteria to the wort.

Whats the best way to strain the Wort from the Kettle into the 6 gallon Carboy?

You are using an immersion chiller and it is causing the COLD BREAK to end up mixed in with the trub. The easiest way is to use a CFC counter flow chiller and then the cold break ends up in the fermenter and the hobs and trub are separated very easily from the wort.

No real need to rush, unless you’re purposefully sneazing into your wort it should be ok for many hours.

It seems that you have a Megapot 1.2 with a valve and a strainer on the inside.

Have you tried whirlpooling before draining?

During and after cooling get your wort going into a whirlpool which should send all of the hops and trub into a cone in the center of your pot, allowing an open portion in your screen to drain the wort.

The kettle has the vavle but no strainer on inside. I was thinking of buying one though. Good advice on not rushing and whirlpooling.

Typically i left the chiller in the pot and tried to whirlpool but maybe if i take it out after chilled then whirlpool, cover it and let it set for 10 minutes this might work better.

Do you have a dip tube? Not sure if that would help or make it worse. A dip tube would siphon wort from the edge of the pot, away from the trub pile in the middle after whirlpool.

I’ve had good results using a stainless steel scrubber over the inside of the kettle drain. It will not filter out every particle, but it will keep most of the trub, cold break, and hop debris in the kettle. It’s especially effective with leaf hops; they form a filter bed around the scrubber. I’ve had pellet hops clog the scrubber once (out of thirty or forty batches over the last three years) and that was on a batch that used a ridiculous quantity of pellet hops. Since then I’ve avoided pellets where possible and bought a hop basket for the times pellets were the only choice.

In combination with whirlpooling, a scrubber should help clear up your wort. A hop basket for pellets would be even better - and a little expensive.

When I transfer from the pot to the bucket I use my siphon and to avoid the trub I start with the siphon high in the pot. so all the trub is at the bottom of the pot and I am siphoning from the top. As I siphon I move the siphon tube down bit by bit. So then I only need to be concerned with the trub for the last inch or so of the transfer.

here’s what I do. 1st let the cold brake settle,15-30 min after I pull the chiller, then I literally syphon off the brake from the bottom of the kettle into a clean container and let it settle out.( this is about 1 gallon or so). then whirlpool the kettle and drain it without the bulk of the cold brake and hop in there. after your done go back to your gallon of cold brake and syphon off the clear wort from that with a small hose. the longer you let it settle out the better. it helps to put this in the fridge. Anyways that is how I get the most out of the system I’m on.

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