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Too hoppy

My Munich Helles turned out too hoppy for me. The recipe called for :
1 oz Northern Brewer 60 min boil
1 oz Sazz. 5 min boil
1 oz Northern Brewer 1 min boil

I’d like the finished product to be half as hoppy.

What do you think?

Dan the Man

Could you post the rest of the recipe please?

Bitter? Then cut yer boil addition in half… That’s the 60 minute…
Too much flavor or aroma? Remove the Northern brewer and sub in the Saaz… which I think is a very good hop! That’s the 1 minute addition
Brew it again and report back.

Batch size? Did you treat your water? Do you know the concentrations of chemicals in your water?


  1. If you are trying to turn a already brewed beer that is twice as bitter as it should be into half the IBU value, that is a challenge. The only thing I can come up with is to decrease the sulfate to chloride ratio. Get the ratio down to 0.5. If you are already there, then you are SOL. If not or if you have no idea what your water chemistry is, pour yourself a glass and very slowly add in a slight amount of table salt. Repeat until it gets salty. Then back off this amount on future pours. This will increase the chloride level and make the beer taste less hoppy. It may help a little bit. However as mentioned below, I think the 60 minute NB hop actually made this 5 times more bitter than the style calls for. Since the beer is now closer to an IPA, maybe go that way and add some blood red orange puree at this link
    Blood Orange Craft Puree® — Amoretti
  2. If you are looking for brewing the next batch better, read this link
    Then for next batch, target a lower IBU value. Start by calculating where your IBU is in the batch you just made using this calculator
    IBU Calculator Beer Bitterness | Brewer's Friend
    then use the above link to figure out how to get the bitterness down to 16-22. Your use of northern brewer hops for 60 minutes probably got you an IBU of around 100 which is way too high. My NB hops I just used had an alpha of 28.3.
    Just way too high for this style. As others have said, do not use NB hop. Use the noble hops recommended in the article.

Hmmmm that alpha from my notes looks too high…maybe its 8.3 not 28.3 typo :frowning: this would put the IBU low to mid 30s which is still too high. hop bag in dumpster :frowning:

I do not recall Northern Brewer hop being that much… I don’t think I’ve seen it over 10… but could be wrong…
There is also a first wort hopping that works well too… removes some f the bitterness

A huge game changer for me was when I looked at the BU:GU ratio for the style of beer I am making. No matter what it balances the hops against the malt back bone. It’s a really super easy calculation.

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