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Tongue Splitter Help!

How long before the kraeusen subsides on the Tongue Splitter extract? I brewed on the 14th and there is still quite a layer on top!! Should I be concerned? I did not check any readings with the hydromoter. My concern is that I may have fermented in too cool of an area due to this long a$$ winter! Had it in my basement and did check the fermentation process and it looked good but being this is my first batch I want it to work out!

I moved my carboy upstairs, supposed to be moving to secondary this Sunday. My feeling is that all is well and that there is no harm in letting it sit in primary for longer than two weeks. I could probably let it sit in primary for 3 weeks then move to secondary and go for 2-3 weeks. Dry hop one week prior to bottling. Then bottle condition for 2 weeks.

Kraeusen is good right? Still bubbling in the air lock!

Your help is appreciated. :cheers:


The bubbling is probably being caused by CO2 off gasing since you moved it.

I would leave it in primary another week to see if krausen falls. It might fall now since you moved it and likely broke the surface tension of the krausen. If it doesn’t fall, just rack under the krausen head.

Thanks loopie. It was bubbling before and after the move so I’m thinking it needs some time.


As long as you jostled it a bit, the krausen should break up and drop out. You are only 10 days in and I would go a minimum of 14 before transferring or consider going 3-4 weeks and skipping the secondary.

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