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Tomatoes & Jalapeños

My first batch of home brew is fermenting, my tomatoes survived the winter, and Jalapeños are coming in. Should be salsa and beer coming soon.


Nice! One benefit of living in the desert! I won’t have fresh tomatoes util July.

I still have four feet of snow in my yard, and we’re getting another foot this weekend. :cry:

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I see you are rooting another tomato plant!
I was just looking at totally tomatoes seed catalogue… We are really getting the bug…
I’m in the same boat as Voltron though… Did I tell you it was -15 this AM? Sneezles61

Looks awesone. Here no tomatos or paprika on the island at the moment. Due to venazuela. Issue unless you want to pay 5 dollar per lbs. Than you got some out of europe. So went out and did buy in the can

You need to plant a garden Wilco!

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I second Danny’s idea!! Sneezles61

Mmmm did try. Did not work. To much sun. To much water. To less sun to less water. These damm tomato did not want to grow. The soil not so good either. To much salt in the ground. So did try planters. Got 1 tomatoes. And the iguana eat the other plants

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