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Tofu from scratch

I made my first attempt at Tofu from dried beans. It was easy and fun. Much of my home brewing gear and practice easily transferred to making tofu. Now I have to find a local supply of dried soy beans.


Cool! Now there is another good skill to have for the zombie apocalypse!

There is a small organic restaurant here that we hit a couple times a month, and I always get the same thing, a tofu sandwich called “the Spanish House”. Crazy good stuff. Doesn’t sound good to the uninitiated, but trust me. It’s all in the texture and spicing.

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Sounds good to me. :drooling_face:
I grew up thinking of tofu as just a substitute for meat. The rest of the world uses it as a compliment to meat and everything else. It really is very useful. Now I’m trying to figure out a good use for the Okara byproduct which is very nutritious as well.

Indeed. Beer tofu. Garden with your own home grow food. Ready for the zombie. Corona virus end of world event


I tried to find some dry soy beans today at Trader Joe’s (don’t carry) and a Whole Foods (that store didn’t carry either) I have to say that the preppers really have cleaned out some parts of the stores. ALL of the bulk grains were gone at Whole Foods and the bottled water isle of was slim pickings (our tap water is outstanding people).
The pandemic scare is very real here.
Never having been to either of those stores I don’t know if that was normal but I have to believe not. My local grocery store looks normal. More sensible people shop there I guess.

How do you make tofu? I’d also ask why do you make tofu is it hard to get or expensive. I don’t really search it out but it often turns up in a meal im eating.

Making is easy.
1: You make soy milk by soaking the beans, grinding them, simmering, and then strainingstraining,
2: You add a coagulant. Nigari is traditional(aka magnesium chloride) or gypsum or Epson-salt
3: You press out the water using a fine mesh cheese cloth and a mold. I got mine together for $7 online

The reason I made from scratch is for fun. Some people prefer fresh warm tofu so they like to make it. One can make the style of tofu you like from silky custard to firm. The beans store for a long time and are inexpensive (if you can find them).

Could you just use soy milk or is that akin to using malt extract in brewing. Like embracing the process

Yes you can just use soy milk. While one can find unsweetened soy milk most have vanilla flavoring.
The beans themselves are about $2.50 per pound. A pound of beans can make 1.5 to 1.8 gallons of soy milk.

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