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Today's bonehead move

Hooked the chiller up to the tap in the utility sink and turned on the hot water! I ran off about three gallons before I realized it :oops: I imagine it lowered the wort temp a bit, but probably not appreciably. How was your brewday?

You’re just keeping a steady temp for a hopstand. :wink:

That’s not bad. I hooked up a keg and put the gas on before I realized I forgot to put the faucet back on the tap. I had a stream of Phat Tyre shooting onto the floor for about 10 secs before I could get the gas disconnected.

I didn’t lose any beer to the floor, but I missed my OG by a huge margin and now I can’t think about anything else. Its funny how beer helps me sleep and keeps me awake at night.

Can I steal this? Great quote!

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