Toasted coconut dry hop problem

Hi everyone,

Brewed a 5 gal imp stout back in February which I’ve been aging on toasted coconut since April. Getting ready to bottle batch soon, and did a few test bottles. Taste is on point, but looks like the fat from the coconut flakes is rising to the top, and creating a film/small chunks once the bottles get cooled in fridge and into glass. Looking for a solution to fix the remainder if the batch before bottling the rest. Maybe cooling it all down and skimming off fat??? Not sure what to do

Thanks so much!

Can you crash the whole carboy then just rack from under the fat layer into your bottling bucket?


Crash cool to under 40 and the fat should clump up and float.

If in s carboy, you can rack beneath it. If in a bucket, you can probably skim it off for extra confidence.