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To Filter or Not to Filter?

I love the appearance of a crystal clear beer but filtering my homebrew unquestionably reduces body and hop bitterness.

This is a completely subjective question but… Is it worth it to you to alter your recipes to offset the effects of filtering on your beer or are you OK with cloudy beer?

And yes, I realize you can cold crash and use finings (gelatin, moss, etc)

I’d be ok with cloudy beer (like Bell’s Two Hearted) and I believe you should focus on great beer. I would never filter nor would I ever use gelatin.

For a while I was using gelatin with pretty good results. But I just don’t like the idea of diluting my finished beer with water (albeit a small amount) and gelatin; it must have some minimal effect on flavor.

Keystone Lite advertises “Triple Filtering”. :mrgreen:

That says it all bro

Really? Miller Lite also advertises using three kinds of hops. Does that mean I shouldn’t use hops?

Not to filter. Cold storage and finings are good enough for me.

I tried one of the homebrew plate filters. Huge PITA to use, expensive and disappointing results.

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