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Tiny Brewer

I would like to say I live in a tiny house because it’s trendy and I’m that kinda person. Well ahead of the curve… living tiny since the 90’s. Truth is I’m an apartment dweller and an apartment brewer.
I’m curious about minimal brew gear. Where can we cut back. I wish I had a man cave or garage or yard space. I have it pretty sweet in that one of 3 closets my family is willing to relinquish to my hobby.

BTW this is the proper Big Mouth Bubbler strap fold so the lid is on tight. You assume this position once you have the bubbler where you need it utilizing the extra strapping.


You are very well organized… I’m not… so I’m lucky to have room… I’m not changing either…:grin: Sneezles61

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My temp control via Rubbermaid cooler on its end. You cannot really see but there is a 2 litter bottle in there to fill up some air space. 20 oz and 1 litter is all I need to hold temp right now. I swap them out before and after work. During the hottest months it will be the 2 liter I swap out and all available other space will be filled with water bottle heat sinks. This easily holds -20 degrees F below whatever the rest of the house is and if swamped out more bottles I can hit lower.

I would not be so well organized if it weren’t for my wife.

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Mine may be the opposite… She’s a very good gal and I won’t trade her for all the beer in your closet either! :joy: Sneezles61

There are a lot of empties in there at the moment.

I could live in my cave it’s 500sq/ft.

Your cave I could live in as well that’s half of our total space. haha

I used to have a small home about 900sq/ft when the kids were small. As they grew a had to expand.

By summer we are in a 2700sq ft house with a detached 3 car garage. By winter in a 1200sq ft condo with no garage. So I know both ends of the spectrum. Summer is a three tier 20 gallon capacity brew sculpture, lots of fermenters and kegs, a spare fridge and kegorator. Winter is one bucket, 2 kegs and a jockey box doing kits only.

Your cooler on it’s side with frozen bottles is a great idea. I know because I did the same thing a long time ago :blush: Hey, your probably going to have a cooler anyway. Didn’t come up with the idea myself though.

Kegging won’t take up as much room as you might think. Since they are tall and thin the footprint is small and if you are careful they can be stacked when not in use. The problem is when serving. Now you need a kegorator or something. I use a the jockey box at the condo. Google it for lots of ideas. Keeping it full of ice is kind of a PIA but it takes up only the room a cooler does.

If I could find a kegorator that wasn’t so deep but was a little wider I could probably find a place for it. I have spent a lot of time imagining where I would put one. The layout of our place sucks in that thing have to be narrower or less deep to make life comfortable. I may just have to build one into my desk.

Tap tower in your work desk. Classic

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Do one of those stand up desks! You’ll know when you’ve been… hanging around the tap too long! :dizzy_face: Sneezles61

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