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Tinkering with a St Paul Porter

I was thinking of adding 2#s more of the dark DME to the batch. Other than increasing the OG and malt flavor, what else can I expect? Will 2#s make it overpowering or will it still be good? If I do this, should I increase the late hop boil to 15 min from 1?
I’m trying to avoid making an undrinkable batch, so any suggestions that you can give would be great.

It was a while back that I brewed the St Paul, but I do remember it being tasty!

I’m not so sure about flavor changes, other than generic malt / roast. In addition to increasing your OG you will also be increasing your FG, because the Dark DME is going to have more unfermentable sugars than if you just added Light DME.

With the hops, I wouldn’t touch the timing additions at all but I would think about adding MORE hops at each addition and try to match the recipes ratios of IBU to Gravity. This would keep the hop profiles the same as the original recipe. Moving timing additions around will get you more utilization and more IBUs, but you’ll lose out the aroma from the 1 min addition. If you went that route it might end up being quite a bit different than the original recipe (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).

That being said if you don’t have more hops it may be the only way to balance out that extra malt!


Thanks Blake, I don’t have any additional hops to add, so I may tinker with the late hop timing maybe 10 minutes instead of 1? Any more suggestions out there?

Consider that by increasing the DME, you’re going to increase the DME to dark crystal and chocolate malt ratio. The defining flavor of stout/porter is the roastiness, in this case from the chocolate malt, so you might consider increasing that just a little bit.

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