Tincture Recipe

Hey all,
Going to rack Smoke bomb to secondary and would like to try a tincture for the chipotle peppers. Does anyone have a simple Vodka amount they use for making their tinctures? ie. 1 cup, 2 cups, 16 oz??? you get the idea?

I would like to put all 2 ozs of peppers into the tincture to extract as much as I can.



At the risk of sounding smartassed; I would say use as little as possible. I presume you’ll be slicing the peppers, use enough vodka to cover them with just a bit more to give them some room to move around as they soak.

I use 6oz for my coffee and cacao tinctures but there’s no magic formula thst I know of.

Regarding chilis, I usually put them straight in the secondary. Taste daily and remove them at the desired point. Chilis can get away from you very quickly, unlike coffee or cacao.


This. Slice the chilies, put them in a jar, pour enough vodka in to barely cover them.

My local liquor store has a $2 bottle of vodka (some domestic brand). I believe it is ~4 oz. I pour off some into a shot glass to test for leaks. Then I drink it to make sure it’s vodka. Then, I add whatever I want the tincture to be to the bottle (sliced peppers, citrus zest, etc). On bottling day I add all of it or to taste depending on what it is into the bottling bucket while racking.