Time to Repitch?

Brewed a saison using Wyeast 3724 (the very finicky Belgian strain). Just like everything I read, it took off great and then stopped at 1.035. I put on a carboy heater and fermentation started again and it got down to 1.020 and has stopped again. Target is 1.015 and it has been at 1.020 for about a week. Should I repitch the yeast? If so, should I use the same strain or go to the more reliable 3711 French Saison yeast?



Dupont likely evolved from wine yeast, so the new thinking is that it poops out because of pressure in the fermenter (this also explains why it can work at such high temps without making rocket fuel). Still, that’s info for next time, it shouldn’t stall if you follow these guidelines (disclaimer: I have not tried this yet, but intend to soon).

Check out Denny’s post in my thread here:


Your BEST bet at this point is to krausen it: Add a 1L starter of actively fermenting wort with Dupont/3724. Make sure to cover the airlock hole with a sanitized piece of foil, not an actual airlock. You could also try something like Sacc Trois (previously thought to be a Brett strain), or, to your point, something like 3711.

Make no mistake though, there is no substitute for Dupont (except maybe the other yeast discussed in the thread above!)

Good luck, let us know how it works out-