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Time for more sake

Well, apparently October / November seems to be my Sake brewing time… Rice is soaking in the fridge, starting up the koji production tonight. Saturday or Monday looking to starting an experimental batch.

Moto with a touch of WLP677 (lacto bacteria) and then adding WLP645 Brettanomyces clausenii a few days later.

Looking for the brett C to add the acid and flavors (along with the lacto).
Then its making Sake as usual after.

Also into making some home crystal malt, except I am going to use koji and rice, let it convert then add it to the oven and caramelize, make a few different colored batches, light and dark.

Adding this to another batch, very small amounts. Going to combine beer making with Sake a bit more.

Well, I managed to actually steam 3lbs of rice so I should have fresh koji in a few days. Using the incubator box. Akita Konno … why must you be so hard to get… Glad I have a few more packets left.

i’m ordering 70g of the “special ginjo” tane-koji powder from akita konno next week. (i’m in the USA) if you need any in the future feel free to PM me. i will be able to offer a much cheaper price than homebrewsake.

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