Three kegs, one regulator, one tank

I am new to kegging and have 3 small kegs. Can I fill and carbonate each one and leave them alone until ready to serve? Then just hook up the tank to dispense?

you can, and that’ll work fine if you’re only looking to carb/dispense one at a time. If you want to have all three on line at once, you can easily split the line from the tank to all three kegs. Cheap way is to buy some wye fittings, little more expensive way is get a manifold. Manifold will make for a cleaner setup, and also gives you the option to easily switch the gas on/off to each keg.

What do you use to y it off?

use a manifold i did buy one with three connections and a two way regulator so three kegs on the manifold ready to drink and one for carbonation

You can go real fancy with a distributor like this or just use a Y fitting twice to get three

If you are crafty enough you can build your own distribution with parts from the hardware store.

Shut offs with a check valve are nice. They prevent beer from backing up and potentially damaging your regulator.

FYI, has ball lock kegs for $50 and pin locks for $35 right now.

I made mine out of 1/4" pipe fittings. I used a rubber grommet through the sidewall to the CO2 tank.

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