Thoughts on WY1450 in an Impreial Stout

I have my brown ale fermenting now. It’s a 6% brown and I plan to use the cake into an imperial stout that will be around 11%. I love this yeast and read its alcohol tolerant up to 10%. Never used this yeast in anything that is high gravity. Should I drop the gravity to get 10%? I would hat to have it not finish all the way out. I would think this yeast would make a great Imperial stout. Just asking. :cheers:

supposedly, that yeast is a mutated version of the yeast that North Coast Brewing uses, so i its good enough for Old Rasputin, I’m sure it will be great for whatever you throw at it :slight_smile:

I’ve made a 12% BW with it.

After posting I did some research and read that it makes a good stout. I’ve gotten to where I really like this yeast in about anything. I contacted Wyeast and they got right back to me. They said as long as the O2 was dialed and an appropriate amount of the slurry was pitched it would have no trouble with 11-12%. Have to love their service! So when my Brown finishes, they better be ready to do some real exercise. I read with straight O2 you should go 1 minute? I’ve always gone longer than that. Not sure how you know you get the right amount of Oxygen?? :cheers:

Just watched a clip with Greg Doss from Wyeast stating in his testing that 1 minute with pure Oxygen for 1 minute did get 12-15 ppm. With higher gravity beers like this does anyone add Oxygen again at the beginning of fermentation? I never have and wondered if at pitching it would be enough.