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Thoughts on Using Safale US-05 as a house strain

I have 6 batches of extract kits under my belt. I made some pretty good stuff, with both dry and liquid yeasts. I’d like to get a bit more structured in my brewing and to control more of the process to see what changes to fermentation temps, hops, hop schedules, etc. will do to a beer.

A big variable is the yeast, of course. Using liquid, I will (just about) always need to make a starter. Given my hectic schedule, I will not be able to control the process that well (time, shaking interval, temp, etc.). So, I am thinking about swtiching to US-05 as my house yeast to work on IPAs. I made the dead ringer with Wyeat Am. Ale and it was very good. Now, I want to play around with the variables.

Given my inability to control the starter process, I am thinking of using US-05 as my base yeast for this. I can control the rehydration process a lot better. But, it seems that the general opinion on the forums is that the liquid options, such as Wyeast 1272 and 1056, are favored as “better” alternatives.

I’d like to know your thoughts on using Safale US-05 as my base yeast. I understand that each yeast is different. But, I’d like to know your thoughts from an overall perspective on using US-05 instead of a liquid alternative.

Thank you. I appreciate all the help that you, the inhabitants of the forums, have been.

US-05 is a solid yeast with good attenuation and if you can keep the beer temp in the high 50s to mid 60s, it’ll ferment clean. I like it in APAs, IPAs, Stout, etc - where there’s plenty of hop and beer character with no need for an expressive yeast.

I really like 05. very solid yeast IMO. In fact i have used it instead of wyeast 1056 for most beers. Just tried out wyeast 1056 after a long while. It’s currently in the fermenter.

But, if my intent was to harvest the yeast several times. I’d probably start off with 1056. They are almost identical, but i hear the quality is a bit better with the liquid version (1056)

There is a local brewery that uses S-05 as their house yeast. Its great when you don’t want a lot of fermentation character (ie: clean ferment). Dry yeast is a good way to go if you aren’t ready to prepare starters. One sachet in 5 gal is a big pitching population!

US-05 is my go to yeast for American style ales. Like you, I don’t have a lot of extra time, so not having to make a starter is a big bonus.

It’s also nice to have when you realize last minute that you have time to squeeze a brew in.

I don’t know that I’d call it my house yeast but I keep 1 packet at all times plus a lot of harvested for repitching or starters. I mostly use it in IPA’s but have fermented plenty of other batches with it.

US-05 is my go to yeast. I really like it because I brew 22 gallons at a time and it is not practical for me to spend all kinds of time making yeast starters for liquid yeast. I buy US-05 36 at a time and keep it in stock always. I get very good fermentations out of it and control my fermentation temperature to the low 60’s.

I use it and Nottingham ale yeast quite a bit, both are great for cranking out clean ales without starters. I’ll even reuse them a time or two just because. Never tried the liquid versions of CA ale.

Big Nottingham fan here when fermented at 60f. All the great clean characteristics of us05 but floccs out way better, and instead of just promoting the hop character, Nottingham does seem to push the malt flavor as well. Excellent yeast in my homebrewers thus far.

I use it for most of my american styles as well. I plan to experiment more with some of the other american ale yeasts that white labs and wyeast provide (like the east coast yeasts for example). I have never had any off flavours from US-05 myself.

US-05 is my go to yeast. I mostly do lagers, but 9 out of 10 ales will be with US-05 Yeast. I also use S-04 and WLP-004, but those are for English ales and Irish ales, respectively. Hybrids get WLP 029.

@Mullerbrau: do you use US-05 in your Kolsch? I recall that Kolsch is one of your staples.
Thanks, Mike

I really like WLP008.

[quote=“Steppedonapoptop”]@Mullerbrau: do you use US-05 in your Kolsch? I recall that Kolsch is one of your staples.
Thanks, Mike[/quote]No, absolutely not. I made close to a 5 gallon starter in order to make my 45 gallons of Kolsch this year. That reminded me of how much of a PITA it was to make a liquid yeast starter for a 20+ gallon batch.

Holy Noble Hops Batman!

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