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Thoughts on this big beer

This one’s a bit outside the parameters of what I usually brew, so thought I’d solicit some opinions. Kind of a cross between an english barleywine and a BDS.

14lb- 2 row
2 lb - Aromatic
1 lb - brown sugar
1 lb - D90 syrup
2 cans - cherry puree

Bitter to around 45 ibu with english hops
secondary on the cherry puree
Yeast- Wyeast 1084 Irish ale


That seems like a whole lot of aromatic malt. I would cut that down to a half pound max and add in some c60 or instead a half # of c120. You’re probably going to need some residual body/sweetness to balance out the cherry. I might consider 4-8oz of caramunich and a pound or two of munich in place of some of the base malt.

The irish ale yeast might not get to a finishing gravity that you want; better odds with a huge starter. A beer that big might benefit from a higher attenuating strain, maybe a belgian strong ale strain. My 2 cents…

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