This years "Snow Day" by NB

I have been waiting for Snow Day to return ever since I heard it was going to be back this year, I really enjoyed it last year. I pick up a sixer the other day and had one today. Maybe I was expecting to much, like my memory was affected by time but I was somewhat disappointed with it this year. The flavor and even the color seemed less than I remembered. Fortunately my son-in-law has an incredible recipe for a BIPA that I am going to brew this week. I have waited 9-months, a couple more won’t kill me.

I had one last weekend. It tasted great to me, but it was also right after a long day of snowboarding and from the bottle. I may have even been happy with a fat tire at that point.

I like this beer. Its not in my favorite category, but I like it quite a bit. Plus nothing tasted odd to me. But Im with you. It blew me away last year and I think I built it up for myself.

I didn’t try it last year, but had one on tap today and it was really great.

I didn’t have one last year, either. It must have been really good if it was better than this years. I have a few left of a 12 we bought and have truly enjoyed having it.