This is me gettin' crazy

I’m kind of a “by the book” conservative brewer. I brew the tame stuff and buy the crazy stuff just to try it. I’m going to brew 10 gallons of NB’s Conundrum Session IPA on Sunday. I’m thinking about pitching US-05 in one 5 gallon carboy, and maybe a Belgian strain in the other. My question is, would you back off on the dry hops in the Belgian batch? I don’t want to overwhelm the subtle nuances of the yeast. Thanks.


I’d brew the batch and taste to decide. If you like the Belgian beer as is leave it alone if you think it’d be better with dry hops add them.

Update… I racked both carboys today and added dry hops to the secondary. Both beers are very good. I’m really pleased with the Belgian yeast. Lots of character and I think the dry hops will only add to it. I cultured the yeast from a bottle of Prairie Hop and it’s a solid performer.

I do like NB’s yeast selection, but lately haven’t seen Whites 560! Tried triple hop from Duvel? Sneezles61 :blah:

geez meant the 570…