Third shift brewing

anyone else have this amber lager from them. Guess its a project from the brewers at Coors and Miller. not bad at all better than anything else they are putting out.

Saw my neighborhood pub had this…I passed because it’s Coors and I’m not that desparate.


I didn’t know anything a bout it when i bought it. Suprisingly decent tho after I found out what it was

I tried it and was not impressed. Everyone has their own tastes, tho.

Craft beer sales are way up the big guys sales are down. Pretty soon liquor stores will be overrun with knock off “craft beer”. When i see 12 pack of BUd barrel collection or whatever in the small 4 foot cooler of craft beer at my liquer store I’d never buy it. Never. ALso if i tried a beer and thought it decent then found out it was brewed by AB, coors, miller I would minus 40 points from its score and never buy it again.