Thinking about adding some Cascade to my Chinook IPA

I brewed NB’s Dead Ringer and Chinook IPA’s 3 weeks ago. Just took an SG reading on both. While the airlock was off, I decided to take a whiff of the beers. I found the Dead Ringer (all Centennial hops) smelled terrific. The Chinook IPA (all IPA hops), well, smelled like beer. I’m not saying it’s a bad smell, just not finding any nice IPA aroma to it. I asked by wife what she thought. She said both smelled like beer. Big help!

Two questions:

  1. Will the dry hop Chinook addition turn this beer around and make the arome shine? I plan to add the extra 0.25 oz leftover from the 60 min addition besides the hops designated in the kit for the dry hopping.

  2. Would those of you who have brewed this kit think adding some Cascade along with the Chinook at dry hopping time make this beer taste and smell better? I have an oz or so of Cascade whole hops in the freezer from my garden. Thanks.

I dry hopped the Chinook IPA with cascade and it was awesome.

Awesome! Thanks!