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Think It's Stuck

Made an imperial IPA using US-05 that I thought had finished. I was so sure that I kegged it. (I know better!) Put some gas on it and took a taste. Not good. Sweet and funky. Checked gravity and it’s at 1.028 when I was expecting around 1.010 or so. I made a starter with some harvested US-05 and once it’s at high krausen I plan to put the beer back into a fermenter and pitch the yeast. Another option is we had about 3/4 of a gallon of wort leftover from a recent Saison that I pitched some 05 into just for grins. Itfermented very nicely and is just sitting there. I could put this imperial on top of it. Thoughts?

I think you might want to top up that gallon with some of the imperial, and see if it restarts fermentation. Reason being that you won’t be shocking the yeast cake with a higher alcohol environment, just introducing a bit of new sugar and a slightly higher alcohol content. Assuming it gets going again, then add it to a fermenter with the rest of the batch at high krausen.


Will do! Thanks

Shame on you for not checking gravity before kegging :grinning:


Yep. Off to the naughty corner. On a brighter note, here’s me NEIPA affectionately called Weezer. Very grapefruity and delicious! I am pleased as punch on this one. :sunglasses:

I almost forgot that I racked an extra gallon of the imperial IPA onto this beers yeast cake and it going nuts. May rack the rest. :thinking:

I’d do it as its really bubbling along… and then I wouldn’t add the whole kitten caboodle of it… rather just keep it goinggg… Keep your Imperial cold and sanitary… That brew in the picture would fit very nicely into a ceramic mug… then given so someone whom likes the nice clear stuff… Sneezles61

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It lives…:slight_smile: Thank you all for the advice!

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Okay so this beer finally finished. Next stop was force carbing and had a devil of a time getting it gassed. Today it is DONE! It is delicious, has a good persistent head and is so smooth. We decided to name it Mnemesis based on the issues we had with it. It also going to be impossible to repeat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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