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“Thin” Hef

Made a hef based on the NB recipe. It was great last time but this time seems like it has zero body, almost like banana water. Well, maybe not quite but still very lackluster body wise. It’s still a little undercarbed so maybe it will improve once gassed.

I had the same problem because I ended up mashing lower than I wanted. Smells and tastes great after getting it carbonated. Still kind of dry but a higher carbonation helped it. I actually finding myself pounding them since the ABV is low


Hefe is a style that is supposed to finish dry but have body. CO2 can help both. What was your mash schedule?

I mashed at 152. Normally I’m a touch higher with most beers. I sparge with 160 degree water. I tried using my sous vide device to heat the sparge and it couldn’t get my sparge volume temp to 170. I also hopped it with an oz. of German Spalt instead of Tettnang. Don’t know why that would impact it. It smells great and I guess it’s still beer. I’ll keep sampling until it either improves or runs out. :slight_smile:


Is the yeast in suspension when you drink it?

Yep. Getting a little more carbed now and it’s better. Still not where I think it should be but we’re getting there.

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Last one I brewed body was a little thin but the flavor was there. I wanted to add some maltodextrin to the keg but I never did. I mashed at 152. It finished pretty low. Used 3068. I think my OG was lower than expected to start also. It was really drinkable though. Not quite hefe is what I named it because it was meant to be a paulaner clone. Lacked body and mouthfeel like commercial version. It grew on me by the time I kicked the keg.

I used WLP300 and it’s funny you should mention low OG as mine was 10 points low.Took a growler over to a buddy’s last night and he liked it. It’s growing on me too and being kind of light alcohol-wise so very drinkable.

I have another Hefenweizen fermenting now. This time I mashed at a higher temperature and didn’t aerate the wort as much as usual. Hopefully this one finishes higher. The last one got some blood orange this one is straight up. Although I do have some raspberries.

What temp did you go with and what was your OG? Need to give my last attempt a tweak as well.

.048 @ 154° last one was .048 @ 146° and finished .010. Hoping this finishes at no lower than .012

Well have it kegged and it did finish .011+ quite enjoyable. I’ll have to keep this simple beer in the rotation.

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